Fulfilment Policy

Refund Policy

Nature of Our Work:
Due to the bespoke nature of website design and development services, and the significant resources allocated from the outset (including full sales process, contract signings, and upfront payments to secure resources and vendors), we are unable to offer refunds once a project has commenced. This policy is in recognition of the immediate and irrevocable commitment of time, resources, and third-party expenses dedicated to your project.

Project Assessment and Alignment:
Before any project begins, we engage in a thorough consultation and planning process to ensure alignment with your vision and requirements. This includes a detailed proposal and contract outlining the scope, timeline, and deliverables for your project.

Commitment to Satisfaction:
While we cannot offer refunds, we are deeply committed to your satisfaction. If at any point you are dissatisfied with the direction of your project, we encourage open communication and will make every effort to adjust the project’s trajectory within the agreed scope to meet your expectations.

By engaging our services, clients acknowledge and agree to this no-refund policy due to the custom nature of our work and upfront investment in each project.

Delivery Policy

Our website design and development projects vary widely. Each project gets a dedicated timeline with milestones for the client to approve in the Agreement. This timeline may vary based on the project’s complexity and client responsiveness. The timeline can change significantly based on the start-date and payment for each milestone.

Projects are divided into milestones (e.g., website content, web design, web development), each with its own deadline. Clients will be updated on progress through regular communications via email.

Final project deliverables will be transferred to the client upon full payment and completion of the project. This does not include source or working files.

Return Policy

As our service involves intangible goods (website design and development), we do not offer a traditional return policy. However, we are committed to ensuring client satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with the final product, please contact us within 14 days of project completion to discuss possible revisions or adjustments.

Cancellation Policy

For ongoing maintenance or support subscriptions, clients may cancel at any time with a 30-day written notice.

Project Cancellation:
If you need to cancel a project after work has commenced but before completion, please contact us immediately. If cancellation is for convenience, additional terms and conditions apply which are outlined in our Project Agreement.

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